Maison Fleur de Lis

Maison Fleur de Lis
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In Love ...

Excuse Moi ... to have been gone soo long ...
But I am in Love ...
In Love with Barns, that is, and that love has consumed me lately.
It all started with a gorgeous painting of a French Barn ...
The exquisite light, the colors of Provence, oohh sooo Francais.

I thought, why not a Barn as a
photography study... or a country get-away... or a studio space ...

 But back to my Love of Barns ...

My other "Love", Monsieur , aka as "The Husband" thought I had lost my mind.
I went flea marketing one day
and instead of coming home with just a truck full of "dollar" treasures,
I almost came home with a new home.

I almost could not contain myself
but with alot of restraint I did... but barely.

It was a lovely Barn, with a shiny new roof ,
a large gingerbread farmhouse,
3 acres of landscaped gardens and a babbling creek.

... all for a "steal price".
It was only 12 minutes from civilization also known as "the city"
 and 20 minutes to Monsieur's work.
But alas Monsieur was not convinced.
His reply. "I don't do chickens".
I sweetly replied...
"You don't have to do chickens,
we aren't going to be farmers, just have a Country Estate ".
So I am dreaming of country fresh air, a large vegetable garden,
a flower greenhouse,space to breathe ...
and a Barn / Studio / Boutique for my Vintage Treasures !
But Monsieur's idea of country life / camping  is to
be at the Ritz Hotel in Manhattan and have a power outage...
And though I too am a City Girl...
the lure, the lust, the love  of Barns is growing ...
unrequited love for now .

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Late Bloomer ...


You might say I am a "late bloomer "...
although there has always been a silken thread woven
through my life; of creativity, of passion, of a quest for the unique.

My twenties ...
pursuing classical archaeology & residing in Europe.
My thirties ...
pursuing interior design & architectural vignettes.
My  forties ...
questioning my earthly focus & pursuing a heavenly one .
And now in my fifties ...
blossoming my artistic talents into a actual vocation;
a wonderful souffle of all the previous decades.

I wake up every glorious morning 
re-creating and hand-painting vintage furniture
from unloved treasures.

There isn't a day that I don't create, even in my mind's eye.
Even when other tasks demand my attention or my hands,
I am thinking about "creating".

...but the last one to be surprised is God.
He knew all along where I was headed.
Blessing me, correcting me or ... patiently waiting for me to be still & listen.

As for me & my house we will serve the Lord.

Maybe I am not a "late bloomer" after all.
I am a "work-in-progress" ...
building on the past, savoring the present, & re-inventing the future.

Just like the Endless Summer Hydrangeas.
I just keep blooming, until I am pruned
and then I bloom again ...