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Monday, April 9, 2012

My Angelic Design Assistant

Oui, Oui...

I know... I have been gone way toooo long.
My only excuse is that I have been hibernating through the winter in my "atelier", which is Francaise for Art Studio... though it sounds more chi - chi.
Painting, creating, sewing and drawing, it seems like 24 / 7.

But the early spring has created a new distraction for me ...
my Le Jardin beckons me :
 the brilliant violet - blue Periwinkle , the burst of  white Star Magnolia blossoms .

Leaving the studio while "paint is drying", I create a vintage nook outdoors as well;
the vivid front door and the welcoming front porch signal that Spring has Arrived.

 Or even my lastest Creation ... the " conservatoire"
made of vintage windows,
where homegrown goodies will be harvested in the months to come.

But there is good news too,
 someone to curb my bad habits of procrastination ...
I have an assistant ... !
much to Monsieur's ( aka The Husband) chagrin .
To Him, an assistant is someone who can  handle a saw, drill a screw,
carry an armoire own the narrow studio stairs of a  1927 cape cod.

But my assistant can do  none of these...
but she is an Angel.
Actually her name really is Angel.
She lives in the Atelier guarding my vintage treasures
from imaginary thieves after the lights go out for night-nights.

Meowing loudly & promptly at meal time,
(where DOES she keep that pocket watch ?),
or purring approval on my recent paint application
or growling when I distress a piece too vigorously...

She sleeps  in her vintage basket, peeking out now and then to see the progress.
 She loves all thing vintage, she is her mother's daughter after all.

Occasionally I mover her basket closer to the painting area,
she catnaps, if I'm lucky.. or brushes her fluffy tail on an open paint can if I'm not.

Fortunately, I usually paint in a soft white color, so she blends right in .
But I dread the day when she gets cat - curious,
and brushes against the open paint can as I am painting a large  black armoire.

I guess then ... I will just have to re-name her " Panther ".

But for now,she is just my  Guardian "Angel".

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