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Monday, March 21, 2016

My Boutique ... Welcoming the French Spring Equinox

Being an Interior Designer doesn't stop at my Front Door.
It graciously spills pours into every aspect of my life
and most importantly, into my boutique; Maison Fleur de Lis.
Decorating for my retail customers  
has some similarities to home decorating,
but many  very defined & unique differences.
Retail Visual Design is a little more like "theatre" .
 It can, but doesn't have to be practical.
Its motive is to attract, to delight & engage.
Engage to love, buy & take it  home.
You don't have to live in in it daily
(Though it does look so perfect),
Dust it ( I never was a Hazel the Maid))
 Or have pets scratch it (Sorry Angel, the Cat, I still do love you)
The words, Springtime, Vernal Equinox &
Le Printemps in Francaise;
give us a " breath of fresh air ", of nature awakening &
a promise of chirping birds.
I decorate the Boutique in mid-February,
technically a month before Spring arrives on
the flipped page of a calendar.
It's the longing for Spring that prompts
my tad-early transformation.
We know it's just around the corner ...
as crocuses push up their dainty heads &
clear air is punctuated with early birds announcing its arrival.
In the Boutique, a life-size handmade paper Angel
holding lilies & tulips  heralds that Spring is Here,
while a creamy vintage Pram groans under the weight
of a basket laden with moss & sage hydrangeas.
French Springtime style can be manifested in so many ways;
through mood, color, furniture & accessories.
Not that one only buys certain colors or items
in any particular season,
but in retail visual design,
there are recognizable clues that evoke a feeling, emotion
or decorating tone.
It doesn't mean that you can only decorate
with white in the spring,
but the preponderance of light colors conveys that
 French Spring feeling.
Maison Fleur de Lis is known for its elegant use of neutrals.
Besides our signature Fleur de Lis White,
we also present our style in soothing European neutrals,
like Chantilly Crème & French Butter.
Sometimes we even move over to the " wild-side" towards 
 Riviera Spa,  Provencal Sage & Café au Lait Beige.
Embellishments on furniture is another way to convey
" French Spring" .
Maison Fleur de Lis specializes in
hand painted furniture designs.
Hand painted with a tiny " ten-hair" paintbrush
(that sometimes refuses to cooperate, UGH ! )
This painting style creates a shaded stippled drawing,
not a flat-stencil effect.
Usually I use a subtle tone-on-tone color to the drawing
 so that the design is noticeable but with subtlety.
 Delicate & intricate, designs such as 
Birds, Florals, Sheep & Nests 
are some of the universally popular designs that evoke
a French Spring Ambiance.
Accessories are the quintessential French Spring décor
since they are small enough to be grouped together
for a stunning vintage vignette
and also can be changed out on a whim.
From vintage Birdcages & natural Nests,
To hand-sewn Pillows & original Artwork.
From hand-painted Robin's Eggs & dainty Birds,
To sweet Lambs & gentle Bunnies.
And finally ...
From soothing Floral to complementary Spring China.
French Springtime Décor is timeless & elegant,
no matter whether you are decorating a
dramatic City Townhouse or a quaint Country Cottage.
No need to jump the Big Pond
to find your perfect French Spring Treasure...
Just visit the Maison Fleur de Lis Boutique instead.

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